Smart blocks 24,000 mobile numbers used in scams

Smart Communications Inc. said it blocked over 24,000 mobile numbers involved in phishing, SMShing, and vishing activities a month after the deadline of SIM registration on July 25.

The company also prevented more than six million fraudulent messages from reaching customers in August.

To resolve online and text scams and fraud, the telco company urged its peers and stakeholders to come up with a more coordinated response against cybercrimes.

“We need to dive deeper into how criminals operate and bring to light the entire cyber scam ecosystem. Instead of obsessing over or focusing on certain parts, all stakeholders should work together on a holistic solution,” Roy Ibay, vice president and head of Regulatory Affairs at Smart, said.

Smart added that SIM cards are largely imported and are also used in several IT devices such as tablets, smart watches and E-vehicles other than mobile phones. Ibay stressed that investigation should focus on the misuse of these devices by criminal elements.

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