Philippines mulling complaints over China violations, says NTF-WPS

The Philippines is considering the filing of complaints against China after its ships harassed Philippine boats during the latest resupply mission to the Ayungin Shoal.

According to a Chino Gaston’s report on “24 Oras,” National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea spokesman Jonathan Malaya said Solicitor General Menardo Guevarra has formed a team to look into the matter.

“All of this is still currently being discussed while it is plain to us that there are violations of China, which can be the subject of possible cases with the international tribunal of the law and the sea and other tribunals,” Malaya said.

Chinese vessels last week performed “dangerous maneuvers” in the disputed waters during the Philippines’ recent resupply mission to Ayungin Shoal.

“It is also very dangerous that these maneuvers are being conducted by China because it is really hard to control the vessels. So an accident may happen,” said AFP spokesperson Colonel Medel Aguilar.

Aguilar also said Beijing’s actions should be raised on the international stage.

“What we are seeing is the ‘mounting pressure’ against China because of their illegal and offensive action in the WPS,” he said.

“We are also making sure that the correct narrative is being heard in the international community,” he added.

GMA Integrated News witnessed first-hand the aggressions of the Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) against the Philippine vessels in its latest resupply mission.

The CCG vessels repeatedly attempted to block the two Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) ships escorting the two resupply boats while two Chinese Navy ships were spotted within the vicinity waters. One of the Chinese ships also tried to come close to the Filipino ships.

Both Coast Guard personnel exchanged radio transmissions.

“China Coast Guard 21616 this is BRP Sindangan 4407 conducting lawful maritime patrol within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone,” the PCG said.

To which the CCG answered: “Philippine Coast Guard vessel, this is China Coast Guard 5305. In the spirit of humanism, we will only permit the entry of vessels carrying food and other necessary materials for the remaining personnel of the illegally grounded vessel 57.” –Jiselle Casucian/NB, GMA Integrated News

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