Israel releases video of its attacks on Hamas in Gaza

Israel has released a video showing its attacks in Gaza, which the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said is part of its ongoing assault to eliminate Hamas militants in the enclave.

In Sandra Aguinaldo’s “24 Oras” report Wednesday, the footage showed the air strikes landing on some areas near a school and a hospital as well as a mosque in Gaza, where the IDF said a terrorist cell was reportedly hidden.

The IDF said the strikes were part of its intensified ground operations following the exposure of an alleged network of tunnels of Hamas militants, including one they discovered beneath and adjacent to hospitals in northern Gaza.

Tunnels were also found in an amusement park and near a university, the Times of Israel reported.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Israeli military has encircled Gaza City, adding the IDF has killed thousands of terrorists in retaliation to the attacks the Hamas militants launched on October 7.

Meanwhile, some Israelis, including the kin of the victims of the deadly October 7 attacks, are calling for Netanyahu’s resignation.

They believe the war will not end with Netanyahu in position and that the Israeli government does not represent their interests as victims.

Netanyahu has yet to comment on the issue.

Humanitarian aid from various countries and organizations continue to pour for civilians in Gaza, who are suffering from food, water, and medicine shortages.

War between Israel and Hamas based in Gaza erupted on October 7 after the Palestinian Islamist group crossed the border and entered south Israel, killing 1,400 and taking 240 hostages back to Gaza.

Israel retaliated and vowed to eliminate Hamas, pounding Gaza with air strikes and launching a ground offensive.

Health officials in Gaza said more than 10,000 Palestinians, around 40% of them children, have died since October 7 due to Israeli bombardment, Reuters reported.—Sundy Locus/LDF, GMA Integrated News

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