Duterte lauds NBDB role in promoting Filipino books

VICE President Sara Duterte lauded the National Book Development Board (NBDB) in its dedication to Filipino students as well as the achievements of the Philippine book publishing industry.

Speaking at the Mindanao leg of the Philippine Book Festival at the SMX Convention Center on Friday, Duterte stressed the importance of the work of the NBDB in promoting books that were authored by those who have “dedicated their lives to the profession and advocacy of sharing their expert or academic knowledge with others,”

Duterte added that rekindling the interest of learners’ writing and reading will be a key cornerstone in the recently launched Matatag K-10 curriculum, which she said will correct the flaws that affected learners’ writing and reading skills that contributed to learning losses.

“Our direction is not only for our learners to possess the power of writing and reading—but, most importantly, for them to value this power as it could help them navigate life successfully.,” Duterte said

She highlighted the importance of learners having “accurate, responsive, and culturally relevant” reading materials, noting that books and other related materials could change lives.

Duterte also said that the Philippine Book Festival is not just a gathering of the finest book writers, book readers, and collectors, illustrators, agents, and publishers, but it is also an assertion of the role of books in the lives of individuals and as a nation.

“It’s a celebration of the infinite areas of learning that may be accessed by turning the pages of a book. Through workshops, exhibits, and storytelling sessions, we craft an immersive “book experience” that embraces families, visitors, and children.” Duterte said.

The Philippine Book Festival is a three-day event that celebrates Filipino books and Philippine literature, culture, and other events.

It was also announced at the Festival that the Philippines will be a “Guest of honor” for the 2025 Frankfurter Buchmesse.

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