Vicki Belo’s assistant reveals she once went to Paris for 2 days just to buy a cake

Vicki Belo’s personal assistant, Millet, revealed that she once went to Paris for two days just to buy a cake that the celebrity doctor was craving.

In Belo’s latest vlog, Millet said aside from flying to Los Angeles for one day, another memorable work experience for her while working for Belo was a two-day trip to Paris.

“‘Yung France, doc, ‘yung cake, para bumili ng cake,” she said. “Two days ‘yun kasama na ‘yung arrival and departure.”

In Belo’s defense, Millet’s ticket to Paris was free, thanks to their airline miles points. 

“Libre po ‘yung ticket, hindi naman ako ganun ka spoiled,” Belo said. 

“‘Pag naglilhi na ako, na hindi naman buntis, ng Jean Paul Hevin na napaka-favorite ko, sasabihin ko ‘Millet, pumunta ka naman Paris bili ka ng cake,'” she added.

In the same vlog, Millet and Belo’s makeup artist Marife, revealed that their favorite job perk working for Belo is traveling the world.

Marife has been to Canada, Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Maldives, Singapore, Africa, the Arctic, and many more.

Millet, meanwhile, has been to Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta in the United States, as well as London, France, Italy, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Last month, Belo talked about being a breast cancer survivor and celebrated seven years of being cancer-free. 

In the same month, she reacted to a photo of herself from the ’90s that has resurfaced on social media.

At 66, Belo has become one of today’s most famous celebrity doctors. Aside from taking care of her showbiz clients, she has given out skincare advice to her followers online.

She is married to Hayden Kho, and they have a daughter named Scarlet Snow.

—Hermes Joy Tunac/MGP, GMA Integrated News

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