Undas 2023: Rerouting schemes, traffic advisories in Metro Manila

Ahead of Undas, several local government units in Metro Manila have released traffic advisories and rerouting schemes to avoid build-up, especially around cemeteries on All Saint’s and All Souls Days.

Allow us to put them together below for your convenience, and note: We will keep updating this roundup as information arrives.

Have a safe and stress-free Undas, mga Kapuso!


Beginning October 31, Tuesday, the following roads near Manila North Cemetery will be closed to vehicles:

Stretch of Aurora Boulevard (from Dimasalang Road to Rizal Avenue) Stretch of Dimasalang Road (from Makiling Street to Blumentritt Road) Stretch of P. Guevarra Street (from Cavite Street to Aurora Boulevard) Stretch of Blumentritt Road (from A. Bonifacio to P. Guevarra Street) Stretch of Retiro Street (from Dimasalang Road to Blumentritt Road) Stretch of Maceda Street (from Makiling Street to Dimasalang Road).

Meanwhile, the following streets have been designated as parking areas:

P. Guevarra Street (from Blumentritt Road to Aurora Boulevard) Feliz Huertas Street (from Blumentritt Road to Aurora Boulevard) Oroquieta Street (from Blumentritt Road to Aurora Boulevard) Simoun Street (from Dimasalang Road to Mayon Street)

Headed to La Loma and Chinese Cemeteries? Read here for more reroutes and advisories.


On November 1, All Saints Day, Mandaluyong City will be implementing road closures and traffic rerouting schemes in areas near cemeteries like the Roman Catholic Cemetery (San Felipe Neri) and the Garden of Life Park or the Aglipay Cemetery.

For those going to the Roman Catholic Cemetery (San Felipe Neri):

All vehicles bound for Kalentong from Boni Avenue should turn right at Ortigas Street then turn left to T. Bernardo Street, head straight to P. Gomez Street, turn left to A. Luna Street, and finally turn right to Aglipay to destination All vehicles going to Boni Avenue (eastbound) coming from Kalentong should use the westbound lane in front of the cemetery then go straight to Boni Avenue. Martinez Street is closed to vehicles.

For those going to the Aglipay Cemetery (Garden of Life Park):

All vehicles coming from Ilino Cruz Street going to Kalentong should turn left to Rev. Aglipay Street to destination All vehicles coming from Kalentong going to Aglipay Cemetery and Paradise Cemetery should take Boni Avenue then turn right to P. Cruz and turn right to Parada Street and to destination All vehicles coming from Brgy. Namayan and Brgy. Mabini-J. Rizal going to Boni Avenue, City Hall, or Shaw Boulevard should take J. P. Rizal through Coronado Street turn left to San Francisco Street to destination.

Read more about Mandaluyong’s traffic scheme.


From noon of October 31 to midnight of November 2,  A. Bonifacio Avenue and Sumulong Highway will only be one way to accommodate the influx of crowd to the Loyola Memorial Park.

Below are alternate routes:

All vehicles going to Loyola Memorial Park from Barangka Fly-over going to A. Bonifacio Avenue should take the left lane to enter Loyola Memorial Park Gate 2. All vehicles going to the city proper should take the right side of the road. All vehicles from C-5 By-Pass Road or Marcos Highway which will use Riverbanks Avenue should exit Riverbanks Avenue and Bonifacio Avenue to go to the city proper or Loyola. All vehicles from Loyola which will exit through Gate 1 may turn right to Don Gonzalo Puyat street, Paspasan street, and Chorillo St. turn right to A. Bonifacio Avenue going to Quezon City. All vehicles going to Quezon City from the city proper may use J.P. Rizal street going to Marcos Highway.

Here is Marikina’s more detailed traffic scheme for Undas 2023.


To prepare for those going to cemeteries, the Navotas City Government is:

Closing Governor Pascual Street from Bacog, A. Ignacio street to A. Santiago from 12pm of October 31 to 12 midnight of November 2. Advising all vehicles entering and exiting Navotas to use M. Naval Street going to C-4 Road.

More reminders from Navotas here.


With four major cemeteries, Parañaque is implementing a traffic rerouting scheme from October 28 to November 2.

A. Bonifacio and Tramo Streets, where the public cemetery is located, will be closed to traffic. For those going in and out of the Manila Memorial Park, there will be two lanes provided. Another lane will be assigned to those just passing through.

Read more about Parañaque’s Undas plan here. 


Below is Pasig City’s traffic plan for Undas 2023:

C. Raymundo Avenue from E. Angeles Street to Mercedes Avenue will be temporarily one way from October 31, 2 p.m., to November 1.

The city also put out the operating schedule for the cemeteries within Pasig. See them here.  

San Juan: 

Beginning October 28 to November 2, Col. Boni Serrano Avenue will be one way to accommodate those going to the San Juan Public Cemetery.

Mariposa and C. Benitez have been suggested as alternate routes. On Boni Serrano Avenue, there are parking, loading, and unloading areas near the cemetery

See more of San Juan’s traffic scheme here.

— LA, GMA Integrated News

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