Senate proposal aims to add mental health disorders to PhilHealth coverage

Senate proposal aims to add mental health disorders to PhilHealth coverage GMA News Online

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Published April 25, 2023 3:52am

A proposal to expand Philhealth insurance coverage by adding mental health disorders has been raised at the Senate, Vonne Aquino reported on “State of the Nation.”

Senate Bill No. 2062 also known as An Act Expanding Philhealth Coverage to Include Benefit Package to All Mental Health Disorders was authored by Sen. Mark Villar.

The objective of the bill is to provide a benefit package for mental health disorders that would include emergency services, psychiatric and neurological services, and mental health gap action program.

Non-Philhealth members who are parents with minors that have mental health disorder can avail of the package if the bill is made into a law.

“The proposal is a welcome development, said UST National Youth Mental Health Project lead Philippe Jose Hernandez.

“It’s a recognition, I think, of the fact that these mental health disorders need our attention.”

Aside from the financial assistance that would be provided, there should also be a robust information dissemination on mental health disorders, government programs that would include free consultation and medicine, and to remove the stigma linked to mental health problems.

Among other things, it is important to ensure concerned individuals will have the support of their families, communities so as to establish a mental health friendly environment in homes and other places. — BAP, GMA Integrated News

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