SB19 Pablo to A”TIN: ‘No reason to spread hate”

Pablo of SB19 has some words for A’TINS to reflect on. 

The P-pop artist released a statement on X (formerly Twitter), asking fans to stop spreading hate to fellow Filipinos.  

“Our goal as a team since we started hasn’t changed: I-angat ang kulturang Pinoy sa global stage (To uplight the Filipino culture on the global stage),” Pablo began. 

“And we know na hindi kami nag-iisa sa goal na ‘to dahil marami pang ibang Pinoy ang nagsusumikap at nagsasakripisyo para sa layon na ‘to,” he added.

[And we know we are not alone in this goal, because there are other Filipinos striving and doing their best for our shared aim.]

The SB19 leader proceeded to thank his fellow fans for their love and support, and reminded them of the true essence of their name. 

“A’tin, salamat sa lahat ng suporta at pag mamahal na binibigay nyo sa ‘min. Wala kami, kung wala kayo. Sana lagi nyo tatandaan kung bakit “ATIN” ang pangalan ng fandom natin. We share our Victories! Sa ATIN lahat to!” he said. 

[A’tin, thank you for all the love and support that you’ve been showing us. We are not here if not for you. I hope you always remember why we named our fandom ‘ATIN.’ We share our victories! It is all ours.]

Pablo made sure to remind A’TIN to “respect” and “acknowledge” that not everyone knows or is aware of SB19. 

“Respect and acknowledge na hindi lahat ng tao, aware or kilala ang grupo namin. Hindi rin sa lahat ng oras, everyone will hold a favorable opinion of us. THAT’S FINE! There’s no reason to spread hate, disrespect or drag down our fellow Filipinos,” he said.

[Let’s respect and ackowledge that not everybody is aware or knows our group. We won’t have the favorable opinion of everybody all the time. And That’s fine! There is no reason to spread hate, disprect, or drag down our fellow Filipinos.]

Ending his post, Pablo acknowledged that everyone has exerted an “effort” to uplift the Filipino culture, adding that there is no need for comparison. 

“Lahat may pinaghirapan, lahat may nilalaban. Dapat hilahan pataas, kasi iisa lang rin naman ang goal natin,” he ended. “At the end of the day, we’re proud of, and respect, every Filipino who’s made strides to uplift the country whether sa music, sa sports, and sa iba pang larangan. Mabuhay ang Kulturang Pinoy! Happy Independence day!”

[Everybody has something to fight for. We should be pulling each other upward because we all have the same goal. At teh end of teh day ,we’re proud of, and respect, every Filipino who’s made strides to uplight the country, whether in music, sports, and other industries. Long live FIlipino culture! Happy Independence Day]]

This statement came amid an online feud between SB19 fans and the supports of local volleyball after Alas Pilipinas player and volleyball star Sisi Rondina said she isn’t familiar with the group during an Independence Day program in South Korea on Sunday.

The group’s main vocalist Stell has also called out a fan for their behavior towards Sisi.

“I personally don’t tolerate this kind of behavior,” Stell wrote.

SB19 released their latest single “Moonlight” in May, with a music video directed by member Justin De Dios. The choreography was done by Jay Roncesvalles, who was also behind the group’s viral “GENTO” dance steps.

The artists had back-to-back concerts in May at the Smart Araneta Coliseum to wrap up their PAGTATAG! World Tour.

SB19 was announced nominees for Favorite Asian Act in Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2024.

The group is releasing a documentary film this August, all about their “PAGTATAG!” era.

— Jade Veronique Yap/LA, GMA integrated News

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