Sara Duterte explains tambaloslos remark

An insult or a joke, the meaning of the term tambaloslos depends on how it was said, Vice President Sara Duterte said on Friday.

According to Ian Cruz’s exclusive report on “24 Oras”, Duterte was asked who she was referring to when she used the Bisaya term in a cryptic social media post recently.

“No comment,” Duterte said smiling.

GMA Integrated News caught up with Duterte in Brunei where she attended schools as president of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO).

As the secretary of education, Duterte also observed best practices in Brunei’s schools.

Asked to describe a tambaloslos if she didn’t want to identify the person she referred to in her post, a smiling Duterte said, “Ang tambaloslos kasi sa Bisaya pwede mo siyang i-interpret na joke and pwede mo rin siyang i-interpret na pagmumura, and pwede mo siyang i-interpret na pang iinsulto.”

(Tambaloslos in Bisaya may be interpreted as a joke. It may also be interpreted as an insult.)

“Sa mga Bisaya kailangan mong marinig na sinabi mo siya para maintindihan mo kung anong context ang ginamit siya,” she added.

(In Bisaya, one would need to hear how you said it so he or she could understand in what context it was used.)

Asked in what context did she post her tambaloslos remark, Duterte said, “No comment.”

On the Marcos administration reaching its first year by the end of the month, Duterte said he would always support the Chief Executive.

“I will be always beside and behind President Marcos and he’s doing a good job para sa ating bansa,” Duterte said.

She said she and Marcos had already discussed her leaving Lakas-CMD, the party under which she ran in Eleksyon 2022.

Marcos and Duterte were running mates although Marcos was the standard bearer of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas.

They ran under the Team Unity coalition along with senatorial candidates from different parties.

“Sinabi ko sa kanya na you will always be my friend. And then sabi ko ikaw lang. And then he said na marami kang kaibigan. Hindi mo lang alam,” Duterte said.

(I told him that he would always be my friend. Just you. He said I had many friends. It’s just that I didn’t know.) –NB, GMA Integrated News

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