San Juan City celebrates ‘waterless” Wattah Wattah Festival

San Juan City celebrates ‘waterless’ Wattah Wattah Festival GMA News Online

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Published July 1, 2023 7:30pm

San Juan City on Saturday celebrated the annual Wattah Wattah Festival, albeit without the water-dousing activities, in celebration of the feast of its patron saint, St. John the Baptist.

The float parade featuring the “Santong Tao,” or those who reenacted the life of St. John the Baptist, was held in the morning to kick off the celebration.

The float parade started from the Pinaglabanan Shrine at the San Juan City Hall and passed through major roads of the city.

Clad in bright and colorful costumes, San Juan City residents participated in the street dancing competition.

Ten groups from different barangays joined the competition.

Information lectures for pregnant women and those who recently gave birth were also given.

The traditional “basaan” or water dousing activities were cancelled amid the possible water shortage due to the looming El Ni?o, Mayor Francis Zamora has said.

The procession of the image of St. John the Baptist and other festivities were initially scheduled for June 24, 2023, but were rescheduled following the passing of Vice Mayor Warren Villa –Jamil Santos/ VAL, GMA Integrated News

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