PSA: Pinoys Can Now Enter South Korea Visa-Free in Three Destinations

Make your travel plans to South Korea come true. by Ina Louise Manto March 08, 2023

From free tickets to Hong Kong to cherry blossom season in Japan – 2023 seems like the year for international travel for Pinoys. This also includes finally going on the much-awaited K-pop and K-drama pilgrimage in South Korea. But in case you missed it, getting slots for the visa has been tougher recently. Don’t lose hope though, as another visa-free entry destination in SK was announced last week. Know more about it:

Entry via Muan International Airport

On a Facebook post last week, the Korea Tourism Organization Manila shared an exciting post for Pinoy travelers.

“VISA-FREE travel to Korea is possible via 3 airports: Yangyang International Airport in Gangwon Province, Jeju Island, and now Muan International Airport in Jeollanam-do,” the post stated.

The visa-free program via Muan starts on March 15, 2023.

Along with the reopening of South Korea to tourists in June 2022 came the resumption of visa-free entry via Jeju Island, which has been an ongoing program for years. Another destination was also added in May 2023, via Yangyang International Airport in Gangwon Province.

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BOOKMARK: Everything You Need to Know About Visa-Free Travel to Jeju and YangyangIna Louise Manto

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