MMDA starts arrest of motorcycle riders seeking shelter under flyovers, footbridges

THE Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has started apprehending motorcycle riders who are seeking shelter under flyovers and footbridges because of the rain.

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority acting chairman Don Artes shows a photo of motorcycle riders taking shelter from the rain along EDSA during a press conference on Thursday, July 20 in Pasig City. The MMDA plans to apprehend motorcycle riders sheltering under flyovers and footbridges during heavy rain for obstruction. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

The arrests are being made based on an order issued by MMDA Acting Chairman Romando “Don” Artes on July 20, which says that riders who park under flyovers and footbridges disrupt traffic and endanger their lives.

MMDA Public Information Officer Leizl Alavaren said that nine motorists have been apprehended as of 12:19 p.m. on Tuesday along the EDSA Timog footbridge northbound lane.

Offenders will be fined P1,000.

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