Filipina arrested for allegedly scamming Swiss businessman

A Filipina was arrested in an entrapment operation by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Manila after allegedly scamming a Swiss businessman. 

A report on Unang Balita on Monday said the suspect told the victim that she was working in the Bureau of Customs and offered assistance to fix the shipment of his cargo which was mistakenly delivered to the Philippines from Africa.

The shipment, composed of 47 kilos of gold and 25 pieces of diamonds, was supposed to be delivered to Dubai. However, there was a reported error with the delivery during a stopover in Kenya.

The victim said he received an email supposedly from an airline company in Kenya, and was asked to go to the Philippines to meet with an African who would help him rearrange the shipment.

The Swiss businessman was, however, asked by the African to pay USD5,600 or about P300,000. He was then redirected to the Filipina who also asked him to shell out money.

The victim was able to release to them a total of USD100,000 or over P5 million.

The arrested Filipina refused to give comments, while authorities are still searching for her African accomplice.

They are facing multiple complaints including extortion and usurpation of authority.—Giselle Ombay/AOL, GMA Integrated News

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