Carpio: Cha-cha RBH need to pass Senate, House before it can be challenged

The resolution of both houses seeking amendments to the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution still may not be questioned before the Supreme Court, retired Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio has indicated.

The House of Representatives has approved the Resolution of Both Houses No. 7 on the second reading on Wednesday and is looking to pass the measure on the third and final reading next week.

“They have to pass it in both houses,” Carpio replied when asked if the resolution may already be questioned before the High Tribunal when the House approves RBH No. 7 on the third and final reading.

The Senate’s version of the measure, Resolution of Both Houses No. 6, is still pending in the committee.

Carpio and people’s initiative proponent Atty. Anthony Abad attended a debate on charter change organized by the Ateneo Law and Liberty Circle on Friday.

Both pushed for a constitutional convention as the mode to amend the constitution.

Abad said groups are still gathering signatures for PI.

“From what I understand from the groups, they haven’t actually stopped. They’re still collecting signatures as we speak,” Abad said.

Abad admitted that the effort could be overtaken by events if the Senate and the House passed their versions of the resolutions calling for amendments to the constitution’s economic provisions.

“It could become moot and academic if Congress comes together and votes and passes these resolutions, and ultimately if they will agree to mandate a constitutional convention,” Abad said.

But if Congress fails to approve economic chacha, Abad said groups pushing for constitutional changes will simply try again.

“I understand they’ll continue if the initiative doesn’t prosper. They will continue with another initiative until we get to that point where we’re actually, as a country, revising, reviewing, and revising the constitution,” Abad said.

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