Yearstarter: 6 new destinations for 2019

With a new year beginning, it’s a good time to make travel plans. Here are a few destinations across the continents where you can head to in 2019.

Mexico, North America

Mexico is known for its archaeological wonders like Teotihuacan’s towering pyramids, the Mayan cities of Chichen Itza, and its Spanish colonial-era towns. Mexico City, the capital, is known for museums, upmarket shops and gourmet restaurants.

Meanwhile, Bacalar is strategically sited on Lake Bacalar, known as the Lagoon Of Seven Colours because of its bluish, turquoise hues. Worth visiting also are the colonial San Joaquin Parish Church, the Fuerte de San Felipe piracy museum, and Cenote Azul lake with its underwater caves.

Georgia, Asia

Home to the Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches, Georgia is famous for its cave monasteries, cathedrals and ancient wine-making tradition. Nestled in the mountains is Mestia, a small town claimed by to be perfect for hiking. You can go up to the glaciers at the foot of Mount Ushba, or ride horses into the alpine meadows. There are several ski resorts, museums and cathedrals here.

Guam, Oceania
A United States territory, Guam is an island in the western pacific and a popular destination, especially with young couples and honeymooners because of its unique glass chapels and beautiful views. Expect to see glorious sunsets, white sandy beaches, and water so clear you might see the corals from the hotel balcony.

Beaches to head down to include Tumon Bay, Sharks Cove Beach, Inarajan Pools Beach and Agana Bay Beach. The indigenous people of Guam are known as Chamorro and they have their own language, culture and food.

Colombia, South America

Colombia is famed for its coffee platations, rainforests and the Andes mountains. Capital city Bogota has its Zona Rosa district of cafes, restaurants and shops, while Cartagena is known for its walled old colonial town, 16th century castle and coral reefs.

Head to Palomino for some sun and surf. Don’t miss the flora and fauna along the way. At the Sierra Nevada Mountains, enjoy both the sea and the mountains. A must-try is tubing from the jungle down to the sea.

Albania, Europe

This small country on Europe’s Balkan peninsula has much to offer, including the Albanian Alps, numerous castles and archaeological sites. In the capital city of Tirana are the Skanderbeg Square and the National History Museum, National Opera, National Library, Palace Of Culture and Ethem Bey Mosque.

Further away is Ksamil, a village known for its secluded beaches and restaurants. Interesting sights include the Syri I Kalter and Butrint, an ancient city and Unesco World Heritage Site.

Morocco, Africa

You know Morocco but most likely haven’t heard of Meknes. The city is known for its imperial past, with historical sites like the Bab Mansour ancient gateway with its elaborate arches and mosaic tiling, the Mausoleum Of Sultan Moulay Ismail, and Heri es-Souani ruins which were once the king’s giant granaries and stables for 12,000 horses.

Meanwhile, Ouarzazate city is said to be the “Gateway to the Sahara Desert”. Must-see sights include Taourirt Kasbah, Ben Haddou, Todra Gorge and Draa Valley.

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