Winwyn Marquez wants to be known as Teresita Marquez

The newly-crowned Reina Hispanoamericana, Winwyn Marquez wants to be recognised now by her real name, Teresita.

As reported on GMA, the actress-turned beauty queen, who recently received a warm welcome home following her victory as the first Asian/Filipina to win the Hispanic pageant, shared that she decided to go as Teresita Marquez after realising that her celebrity name is posing a problem for her newfound fame.

Marquez gave an instance where new fans from different sides of the region couldn’t find her on social media due to the fact that she is using her celebrity name Winwyn, which is also her nickname in the Philippines.

On the other hand, the beauty queen stressed that nothing is changed when it comes to her relationship with actor Mark Herras.

“It’s important to have a personal life aside from being a beauty queen. I think if you have time for your personal life, you will make time for it no matter how busy you are,” she said.

Herras has been one of Marquez’s biggest supporters, before and after she won the pageant.

(Photo Source: Winwyn Marquez Instagram)

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