When will Pinoy food become popular? Bourdain answers

MANILA – Chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain shared his thoughts on why Filipino food has yet to become popular even if it has been called the “next big thing” for years.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News’ Ces Drilon on Friday, Bourdain explained that the rise in popularity of any cuisine is “an organic process,” stressing that people will have to discover it for themselves.

 But certain chefs and restaurants can help speed things up, according to Bourdain. He cited Japan as an example: “Sushi isn’t a brand. Nobu (Matsuhisa) is a brand, but sushi is not. Sushi is a culinary tradition.”

Bourdain went on to advise the Philippines: “Create something good, serve it long enough and people will find it.”

“People would build their own conceptions and misconceptions about what an entire nation’s cuisine is based on their exposure to it,” he added.

While Filipino food has yet to have the same level of fame as Japanese or Chinese cuisine, for instance, Bourdain noted that there has been a growing number of restaurants in the United States serving Pinoy dishes.

And this, he said, is a good start.

“There are restaurants now [in the US] that are serving either classic Filipino food or influenced by Filipino food… and it’s getting a lot of traction, a lot of appeal, and that’s great,” he said.

“These are Instagram restaurants, like people come in and take pictures of the food and share them on social media… That makes it something,” he added.

(Article from www.philstar.com Image from edition.cnn.com)

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