VP Leni: Public servants should be loyal to family, nation


Published January 22, 2022 8:23pm

As far as Vice President Leni Robredo is concerned, public officials should be loyal to their husband or wife just as much as they are loyal to the country.

Robredo made the response when asked about public servants having multiple romantic partners during the Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews that was aired on Saturday.

“Hindi ako sang-ayon doon, kasi ‘yung pagkakaroon ng moral ascendancy, para sa akin, napakahalaga para sa isang public servant kasi kami ‘yung modelo dapat ng lahat. Parati nating sinasabi na sa isang Filipino family, napakaimportante na ito ay solid, napaka-importante na ‘yung respect tsaka pagmamahal sa loob ng pamilya ay pino-promote,” she said.

(I am not in favor of a public servant having multiple partners because moral ascendancy is very important for public servants. We should be role models for all. We always say that a Filipino family should be solid. It is important that we make respect and love thrive within the family.)

“Pag kaming mga public servant yung nagiging example sa bad behavior, ano yung message na nako-convey namin sa ordinaryong mamamayan?” she added.

(If public servants show bad behavior, what is the message we are sending to the citizens?)

Robredo also said the public servant’s duty to the family is as important as his or her duty to the nation.

“Hindi dapat nahihiwalay ang tungkulin sa pamilya sa katungkulan sa bayan kasi ‘yung pagiging mabuting public servant…magiging mabuti lang kaming public servant kung mabuti kaming miyembro ng aming pamilya,” Robredo said.

(Our duty to our family cannot be taken separately from our duty to the nation because the only way to being a good public servant is for us to be dutiful member of the family.) –KBK, GMA News

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