Vico Sotto ends 27-year rule of Eusebios in Pasig City

By CNN Philippines Staff

Vico Sotto, a fairly newcomer to the political scene, has been proclaimed mayor of Pasig City, ending the 27-year reign of the Eusebio clan.

Sotto, a councilor who has only served for one term, has an 87,000-vote lead against his lone opponent, incumbent Mayor Bobby Eusebio. He received 208, 548 votes, while Eusebio received 121,032, according to the Commission on Elections’ partial and unofficial tally as of Tuesday afternoon.

He had enjoyed a wide lead since that morning and questioned the delay in his proclamation. He asked why the Pasig City Board of Canvassers won’t approve their petition to lower the threshold for proclamation to 96 percent. He noted the over 80,000 difference in their votes.

“It is mathematically impossible for our opponents to win,” he said.

On the campaign trail, Vico propped himself up as an alternative to the ruling Eusebios, promising to deliver healthcare for all residents of the city, make access to government information easier, fight corruption, and end favoritism and fear.

The 29-year-old politician is the son of actors Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes.

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