Vice Ganda denies conflict with Coco Martin

Vice Ganda recently shut down once and for all rumours of conflict with his former MMFF co-star, Coco Martin.

As reported on ABS-CBN, rumours of rift between the two sparked earlier due to the two stars’ decisions to do their own individual projects for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, instead of working together like in the box office hits “Beauty and the Bestie” and “The Super Parental Guardians”.

“We’re not fighting,” said Ganda, when asked about it during the promotional event of “The Revenger Squad Gandarrapiddo”. “I already talked about it, and so did Coco. We’re not enemies.”

When asked whether they will still work together in the future, Ganda responded positively.

“Although it hasn’t happened, it doesn’t mean it will not happen,” he said.

In a previous interview, Martin, who is making his directorial debut with “Ang Panday” stated that the only reason they haven’t spoken to each other was due to their hectic schedules.

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