Travel video blogger says PH is his favorite country

MANILA – New York-based Israeli Nuseir Yassin, known to many for his one-minute videos under the moniker Nas Daily, has traveled to 53 countries so far.

But out of all the places he has visited, he considers the Philippines his favorite.

And he explains this in yet another one-minute video.

For a country to be his favorite, Yassin said it has to meet his three criteria: “People have to speak English fluently so I could talk to them, prices have to be cheap enough to spend money without breaking the bank, and nature has to be incredible enough to steal my breath away.”

He explained that while he likes many countries, not all of them were satisfy his three requirements.

“Thailand is beautiful and cheap, but the locals don’t speak English so I can’t be friends with them. Switzerland is like heaven, but I’m not going to pay $7 for water! And Jordan is cheap and has incredible people but I’m not crazy about the nature,” he said.

He continued: “Out of the 53 countries that I visited, the country where everyone speaks great English and is friendly, where I can eat out every day for cheap and where I lost my breath at the incredible nature is the Philippines. People, prices and nature is why the Philippines is my favorite country.”

During his stay in the Philippines early this year, Yassin was able to visit parts of Manila, Coron in Palawan, and Albay, to name a few.

He made several videos about the country, with one even asking his one million followers: “Should I move here?”

Yassin also released videos showing other sides of the Philippines beyond the beautiful islands, from the traffic and poverty to the people’s generosity.

(Article and Image from video from Cheap Travel)

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