‘The One’: Pakistan bet dons Furne One Amato creation at Miss Universe prelims

Composite photo of Miss Universe Pakistan Erica Robin in Furne One Creation (missuniversepakistan/Instagram)

Dubai-based Filipino designer Furne One Amato was the chosen designer of Miss Universe Pakistan Erica Robin.

Furne was behind Erica’s stunning white gown with a long veil during the 72nd Miss Universe preliminary competition on Thursday (Philippine time).

Erica’s look stunned the audience and viewers of the prestigious pageant. She also earned love from local pageant fans on social media.

On Instagram, Miss Universe Pakistan described her outfit as a “sparkly masterpiece.” The organization also uploaded a video of her performance during the evening gown portion.

“The number ONE, ONE-OF-ONE, and the only ONE @ericarobin_official Miss Universe Pakistan slayed the stage with a sparkly masterpiece during the Evening Gown Competition at the 72nd Miss Universe Competition in El Salvador,” the caption reads.

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In a separate post, Erica explained that the ethereal outfit called “One” symbolized the 1% minority of her home country, citing the color white in Pakistan’s flag.

“The ONE. The number One has a significant meaning in my life. I wear One tonight at the preliminary evening gown competition. I come from the 1% minority of my beloved country Pakistan which symbolizes the color white in our flag,” she said.

“I became the [first-ever] Miss Universe Pakistan—a huge honor and privilege to stand here and be the voice of my community,” Erica confidently proclaimed.

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Furne, who heads his own fashion house called Amato Couture, has been dressing beauty queens in the past.

Prior to Erica, he designed Nicole Borromeo’s siren-inspired evening gown for the Miss International 2023 event.

Nicole finished as the 3rd runner-up of the competition.

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In 2021, Furne was also the official designer of Rabiya Mateo’s evening gowns for the preliminary and final rounds of the 69th edition of Miss Universe.

Rabiya ended her pageant journey as a Top 21 semifinalist.

Moreover, Furne is also known for creating outfits for Beyonce, Mariah Carey and other popular celebrities before.

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Philippines’ Michelle Dee, meanwhile, was also a hot topic on social media for her new pageant walk, viper-colored gown and short hair.

Filipinos can express their support for her in the national costume show on Friday, November 17.

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