Tatak pinoy, love local

Celebrating our national independence,

And with the backdrop of our sovereign,  PINAS shares with you some iconic pieces and local brands ready for the global stage.

With President Durertes recent foreign visits, his thrust is not only to enhance  cultural and economic ties but promote our local products globally.

Pinas takes this new campaign through out our Overseas Filipino readers.

Quoting a very simple line, president  Duterte was heard before his trip to Russia saying ” if we do not promote our products, who will?

Seen proudly wearing the solarised watch in gold made by local watch makers, Ibarra

“I am going to wear it proudly as a Philippine product! Including these shoes. I am wearing mine . Marikina, referring to the pair made by a Marikina Shie maker.

He encourages government officials to wear what is truly Filipino.

Following  this theme , Pinas created a Photo-log  over these wonderful pages in this Love local campaign for the fiesta issue. Truly tatak pinoy!

(Images from thefilam.netc1.staticflickr.com, insidelocaljapan.jp, www.opensnap.com, and uk.pinterest.com)


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