Sunshine Cruz rejoices after court annuls her marriage to Cesar Montano

Sunshine Cruz’s petition for the annulment of her marriage to Cesar Montano was finally granted after four years today, Sept. 18.

The good news was shared by Cruz’s manager, Alfred Vegafria via Instagram.

“My dear Sunshine, Your prayers have finally been answered. I’m very happy to know that after years of waiting, your annulment has finally been granted,” he wrote today.

“All the hardships and sacrifices have made you a stronger and better person,” he added. “May you continue to be an inspiration to your daughters, and may you finally write a new chapter in your personal life.”

“Cheers to new beginnings!” he greeted.

Cruz took to the comments section of Vegafria’s post to express the happiness she felt upon learning the news.

“I was crying and screaming earlier,” she stated. “I’m so emotional right now.”

In her own Instagram page, Cruz noted that she won’t forget what happened today. She uploaded a photo of a woman with her arms raised, accompanied by a short prayer: “Lord, thank you for giving me a new day, for the blessings that you have prepared, you do wonderful things. Thank you for all your love.”

On her Facebook page, she rejoiced by sharing the YouTube link to Kool & The Gang’s hit track “Celebration.”

Cruz and Montano tied the knot in 2000. In 2014, Cruz filed a petition for the annulment of their marriage a year after they parted ways. JB


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