Solenn Heussaff and Nanette Medved-Po collaborate to help build more public school classrooms


Solenn Heussaff has lent her talent for a good cause in the past. This year, she is doing another special collaboration, this time with former actress and HOPE founder and President, Nanette Medved-Po.

Nanette approached Solenn to help her create designs for the exclusive Hope in a Shirt collection.

Solenn recalled, “Actually, she called me and asked me ‘cause she knows that I’m very much into art, that I love drawing.”

Nanette further narrates, “Everybody knows that Solenn has become a celebrated artist. She’s young and she’s also very fashionable. I had coffee with her one morning and said, ‘You know, I’ve been playing with this idea. We have a shirt that’s made from 100% recycled bottles. I gave her one and she loved it.’ We kind of just put the design together during that [meeting] and next thing you know, we’re here.”

The Kapuso star was inspired to help build a better future for the Filipino kids that is why this project is something she refused to drop. She said, “Their company works in building classrooms for the children so when she called me do the collaboration, of course I couldn’t say no because that’s something I love to do, art. At the same time, I’m helping for education for the kids in the Philippines. Even in my own small way.

Solenn added how much she believes in this project and even disclosed that her friends were fascinated with the shirts when they knew that they are created from 11 plastic bottles. She said, “I’m very much into their advocacy so I thought it was a fun project to work on and she just said basically we have shirts. Each t-shirt is made out of 11 plastic bottles and it’s actually really soft, you’ll be surprised. When I tell my friends there’s no cotton, 100% plastic bottles, they’re really shocked.

Nanette explains further , “The t-shirt is made out of 100% recycled bottles. We had it printed with an exclusive artwork that Solenn painted. It’s also more of an awareness-raising exercise not just for building public school classrooms but also for recycling. We sell Hope in a Bottle but we’re also very sensitive to the fact that plastic is not the best thing for our environment. So we’re trying to encourage the idea around recycling. How it can be executed in fun and exciting ways.”
How did Solenn come up with the designs of the shirts?
She said, “It’s really just the art focusing on the art. I basically drew a kid and flowers because when you give education to a child they will blossom into something bigger and better and flowers is the symbol of beauty and blossoming and that’s how I came up with the drawing.”

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