Road Trip Destinations This Summer

Summer is usually when a lot of us tend to want to get away from the city. Some might want to just beat the heat or just to take a break and hang out with friends or family. For the much younger crowd, it’s premium bonding time, mostly because there’s no school and therefore no homework waiting when the trip is over.

If you’re planning a road trip, considerations include budget and how far you’d be willing to go.

Here are some places you should visit on your next road trip:

Nuvali Republic Wakepark (Santa Rosa, Laguna)

If you and your friends want to take on an X-Games style adventure without flying all the way to Boracay, maybe wakeboarding at Nuvali is for you.

Board rental is free at the beginners’ area, but the rental for 8 hours (and that’s run all you want) is PHP 1,500 per person. This is perfect for those days when you just want to get out and try something new. There’s also a fairly robust selection of activities for all ages and interests.


Sagada is a little further than Baguio and getting there is an adventure on its own. Activities include visiting an orchard and picking out fresh fruit. For the more adventurous in your crew, caving in Sagada is a must-do.

Sumaguing Cave is one of the more difficult, but ultimately, more rewarding caves because of the cold pools that one can swim in when they reach it. Sumaguing makes up a network of caves that reaches close to 163 meters deep from the cave’s mouth.

Cloud Nine (Siargao, Surigao del Norte)

If you haven’t been to Siargao, then you haven’t been to Cloud Nine. The Surfing Capital of the Philippines is a special mention in the world surfing community and is in the Top 10 Surf Spots of the world. CNN described Siargao as “a dramatic and powerful reef break, which crashes onto shallow razor-sharp coral, offers right and left death rides”.

If you’ve ever wanted to fulfill your surfer dreams, this may be one of the best places to do it. Even if you’re of a landlubber, you could always take photos of the huge waves that crash down on the beaches here.

Sabang Beach and Charlie’s Point (Baler, Aurora)

Baler is one of the most popular surf spots in the country. Just six to seven hours away from Manila, most surfers travel in groups and rent a van to minimize expenses.

Sabang Beach has a soft and shallow ocean bed, gray sandy shoreline, and waves coming from the Pacific Ocean which makes it a perfect spot for beginners. If you’re an experienced surfer, you can rent a banca going to Charlie’s Point which breaks both left and right. The destination boasts a sandy floor for those who might want to wade around.

Baler is host to a lot of natural wonders, such as the Millennium Tree and Ditumabo Falls, which boasts water so cold you’ll have goosebumps in seconds.


Batangas is possibly one of the closer places you’ll want to hit for a weekend getaway, and it’s got no shortage of things to do.

Divers and explorers can hit Anilao for its dive spots. If you want the white beach and a relaxing shore walk, go to Laiya in San Juan, which also boasts the bar by the pool combo at Acuatico resort. You can hit some of the historical sites, such as the home of Segunda Katigbak, and the lighthouse at Cape Santiago.

Final Thoughts

A road trip is best when it’s planned and everyone’s sure of what they want out of the getaway. If you’re trying to keep an eye on your budget, you’ll definitely want to check out websites like Agoda or TripAdvisor for deals and discounts on accommodation and tours.


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