RIP Champ: Jollibee phases out two large, iconic meals

Coconuts Manila

Hankering for a meaty, beefy Jollibee Champ Burger this New Year? How about a Big Burger Steak?

Tough luck, because the rumors are true: The local fast-food chain’s iconic 1/3-pounder burger, along with a rice meal called the Big Burger Steak, has been pulled from Jollibee’s menu since New Year’s Day, a store manager from a branch in Pacita, Laguna, confirmed today with Coconuts Manila.

Lyn Fernandez said in a phone interview that an early December memo informed all branches that the Champ Burgers would no longer be restocked and only sold while supplies last.

“Starting Jan. 1, both the Champ Burger and the Big Burger Steak will no longer be available in Jollibee,” she said. “In our branch, in particular, the burger was no longer available since December.”

She added that the Champ, which was first introduced in 1984, is a fan favorite that “people have been looking for.” It was officially Jollibee’s largest burger – and bigger than rival McDonald’s quarter pounder.

Fernandez could not give us a reason why the burger was discontinued. She noted, however, that pulling Jollibee products is common practice to make way for newer products, such as fish-based burgers and other limited-edition offerings.

Gladys, a Jollibee hotline customer representative added that the phase-out is not unique to Fernandez’s branch. “The Champ’s last availability was on Dec. 31,” she confirmed, adding that with the two 1/3 pounder meals gone, the store’s biggest burger is now Jollibee’s Cheesy Deluxe Yumburger, which comes with a double patty.

As of late Thursday afternoon, Jollibee had yet to announce if a new burger will be added.

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