Resorts World Manila brings in global security experts

Resorts World Manila (RWM) has engaged the services of international security experts to review and tighten its security and safety protocols.

“We are determined to regain people’s trust after the tragic incident last week,” said Stephen Reilly, Chief Operating Officer of RWM, in a statement issued on Friday.

“Blackpanda’s breadth of experience covers over 1,000 missions across 50 countries in six continents. They have successfully conducted peacetime advisory operations and even counterterrorist combat missions,” he added.

Blackpanda specializes in crisis response, risk management, and security consulting. It is comprised exclusively by individuals who have served at the highest levels of military Special Operations units within the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and the Philippines.

The private security firm will comb through RWM’s security and safety protocols and practices to identify areas for improvement, recommend risk reduction measures, and guide RWM through its implementation.

“The recent breach in our security and the resulting loss of lives is truly regrettable and we cannot let it happen again,” Reilly continued.

“We will rebuild and make Resorts World better and stronger. A big part of this is to bring in world experts. We are going all out to reassure everybody — our nearly six thousand employees and their families, and the millions who come to visit — that their safety is our priority. AU

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