Queen emergency: Catriona Gray breaks Miss Universe crown while dancing

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Beauty queens are known for their elegance and poise, but sometimes they commit boo-boos too.

Catriona Gray confessed in a video clip that was posted on Miss Universe’s Facebook account today that — gasp — she broke her Miss Universe crown while dancing during a parade.

The Miss Universe 2018 didn’t specify where this happened, but it might have occurred in one of the two parades organized for her during her homecoming in Manila last month.

She said: “One of the things I love about the parade [was that] they have (sic) this band and it makes me wanna dance and I ended up dancing, although I’m not a very good dancer.”

“But um, guys I have a confession,” she said while showing off a broken piece from her crown. “The Mikimoto has seen better days as a result of my dancing. I’m so sorry!”

The miss universe crown was designed by the Mikimoto Company and has 500 natural colorless diamonds and 120 South Sea and Akoya pearls. It is reportedly valued at US$250,000.

So yeah, breaking it is a pretty big deal.

The crown seems to be doing fine though since Gray was wearing it in the video.

Her fans thought the whole story was amusing.

Belleah Dark said the video showed Gray’s funny side.

Mariel Amelja said that what happened to the crown wasn’t Gray’s fault at all.

However, there were also several netizens who didn’t like that the crown was damaged.

Joseph Gonzalez said the whole story wasn’t funny at all and that Gray should pay for the repairs.

Thony Diamond said: “It (the crown) wasn’t [meant for you] that’s why.”

Don’t be such a hater, dude.

The Mikimoto crown was first used in 2002 and was created to commemorate the pageant’s 50th anniversary. It made a comeback in 2017.

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