QC solon seeks allowance for teachers assigned outside their towns, provinces of residence

Quezon City Representative Alfred Vargas has filed a bill seeking to provide monthly incentives to public school teachers assigned outside their respective cities, municipalities and provinces.

In filing House Bill 10174 or the “Distant Public School Teachers Incentives Act,” Vargas said assigning teachers to places outside their respective residences “entails additional expenses on the part of the teachers and invariably affects the quality of education.”

“It is the hope of this measure to properly recognize and compensate our public school teachers who dedicate their lives to promoting quality and accessible education amidst the hardships of being assigned outside of their residence,” Vargas said.

The measure proposes that teachers assigned to a different city or municipality shall be given an additional monthly allowance of P2,000 while those deployed to another province must be given P4,000 monthly allowance.

The lawmaker said the incentive allowance would be discontinued once the teacher returns to his or her home city or municipality.

The monthly incentive allowance will be tax-exempt, the bill stated. — BM, GMA News

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