The Presidents High Approval Rating continues after his first year

President Rodrigo Duterte continues to hit a 80% approval rating throughout the electorate in the Philippines according to the Social Weather Survey. However Duterte doesn’t let this waver his Presidential Integrity saying that this won’t hinder his works and he his “Solely focused on his duties and responsibilities “, repeatedly saying; “I am here to serve, period“.

During a concise interview Duterte reassured the public that he doesn’t have ulterior motives regarding his Presidency, this comes after the wake of him being President for one year and several reports of praise on both his infrastructural development throughout the Philippines as well as his successful “Duterte-nomics” economic plan. 

During the interview he further highlighted his promise to both the people and the country saying “Basta ito lang sabihin ko: I ran for the presidency to serve the Filipino people. Period.Wala akong agenda. Wala akong lahat,” Duterte said.

He further reinforced his long standing view on corruption further adding;

“And that is why you can expect ‘yung corruption, ‘yung kalokohan – hindi ko man mahuli lahat pero I will not tolerate it. Not during my term,” Duterte said.

At tsaka ang akin is always dismissal. I will not be satisfied with just mga suspensyon. Umalis ka talaga,” he added.

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