President Duterte on Concrete realities with Economic Powers

President Rodrigo Duterte has made a deep mark into the Philippines one year on from when he was sworn in, introducing many new and old policies such as Duterte-nomics, renewing the war on drugs and especially pivoting the Philippines to the direction of both Russia and China – two super powers right on our doorstep. By opening talks with them Duterte has managed to strike many strong and tariff free trade deals, thus opening up more investment and talks. This is intensified as Duterte managed to secure $24 billion in deals during a visit to Beijing last year while a trip to Russia last month opened dialogue between Manila and Moscow, this as well as a visit to Japan last year yielded $1.85 billion in deals – a record high between between these nations.

However, some criticism comes with this move as getting closer to China was a “pragmatic” move by the President, said Philippine Chamber of Commerce.

“The President, at the very start, has stressed that change is coming and he’s the game changer. Even his foreign policies have been very helpful to our country,” Barcelon said, this is further echoed by comments by high ranking officials throughout all business sects warning Duterte not to strain relationships between the Philippines’ close long standing ally – the US.

There is history and real concrete reality in our relationship with our other partners, which we should not turn away from,” CEO Del Rosario said 

Would moving towards China and Russia be worth the strain on close relationship between the Philippines greatest military and economic partner? 

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