President Duterte calls for unity

President Rodrigo Duterte called on both FIlipinos and Muslims to achieve ‘national unity’ between each other as they mark the celelbration of Eid – al Fitr.

Eid – al Fitr marks the end of the muslim fasting season of Ramahdan although many terrorist groups use this as an excuse for attacks – it is largely peaceful in its demonstations and festivities. Thus Presdident Durterte capitalises upon this admist the fighting in Marawi which began during the Ramahdan season, calling for ‘National Unity’ saying:

‘On this special day, remember to thank Allah for bestowing upon you the resolve, courage and fortitude to obey His commandments during the blessed month of Ramahdan. May this renewed sense of spiritual accomplishment give you the strength and courage to cultivate our communities.’ 

He further accentuates the idea of the Philippines being united in duress and how whether Muslim or not, we are all Filipino.

‘In time when all odds are stacked against us, it is our willpower and faith that will always see us through. Let us channel our energies towards fosterting national unity – because dedicating out lives to the betterment of humanity is the best way to demonstrate our devotion to God.’

He finishes off his speech integrating both religions to their core functioning routes -them being of peace

‘Toghether, let us work towards building a society that is grounded on love, mutual respect and understanding. May this special day bring happiness, peace and prospertity to everyone. Eid Mubarak’ 

He ends with the common traditional Muslim greeting ‘Eid Mubarak’ meaning ‘blessed celebration’. This truely is a testament to good strong leadership.

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