Pidayit Fashion forward for Filipiniana Cool and Chic

An intrinsic name Pidayit is spun through the fashion circle. This represents an intertwine of homespun ideas  infused in  colors, retazzos of forlorn pieces woven to a rebirth that is masterfully unique . This intricate production patiently from hand are restoration works beholden to sight. This is a representation of the Filipiniana cool and chic of fashion  

The name behind the brand is Philip Dizon Torres, a notable Kapampangan with  

35 years of design experience. Armed with a college degree in  San Sebastian College,  he  continued to pursue his studies in Fashion Designing at Slim’s Fashion & Art School. 

The fashion ramp of success started through dressing up both local and famed personalities in the Philippines in the early years 

His movie debut was his ingenious costume design fo  Magic Temple,  a movie directed by the great Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes.

Not to be amiss in the hall ways of fashion exhibits, he was part of the recent Philippine Fashion week in Makati and the Smx convention center celebrated by other renowned  fashion talents of the  industry.

2015 saw a rebirth in his sartorial way of recreating fashion. His artistically driven flare became the bastion of his magical works, intertwine of hand and genius. Vibrantly interwoven, his art is a revelation  where material and passion are embroidered together. Crocheted repeatedly, this  amazing skill transforms any  garment into one unified glorious design.

Celebrated by the new and old of the fashion trade , Philip spins further magic into accessories and beading works, recreating  collages of patches, buttons and  cut-out designs

This emboldened collection of PIDAYIT resonates to the  Kapampangan word for “Pidayit-dayit” meaning to put together.  A new concept of chic and culture, conjoined. A rebirth of sorts.

“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” is an understatement often used by Philip. 

In a world where challenges are painstakingly  fought and achieved, Philip brought in this successful concept with his unique pursuit  

Pidayit is now a  name and  brand. A local icon of art and garment, of fashion and style,  of creativity and wonderment. 

Pidayit once a local name, now  proudly showcased  globally. 

Written for splash PINAS/supporting local entrepreneurs

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