Pia Wurtzbach talks about her long-distance relationship

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Pia Wurtzbach recently shared how she and Jeremy Jauncey make their long-distance relationship work, despite being in two different countries – Wurtzbach in the Philippines and Jauncey is currently based in the United States.

As reported on Rappler, the actress who sat down for an interview with Tatler Philippines where she and the businessman also confirmed their romance, stated that the two of them make constant communication the most integral part of their relationship – to ensure that they speak to each other every day.

“Sometimes we talk twice a day and we’ll talk for hours if he didn’t have to go to a meeting or go to work, which he still does up to now, every day. That’s just how we bond. We talk about everything,” she said.

Wurtzbach stated that it is important for a couple in such a situation as them to do, rather than pretend that they are doing fine.

“I mean we’re in the middle of a pandemic and so many things are going on in the world right now, so it’s really important to be honest and to check on each other,” she added.

In addition to constant communication, the beauty queen said that they also make sure that they would have special date nights.

“For couples out there in a long-distance relationship, like maybe you can teach each other something. You don’t have to be physically with each other to learn from each other. Jeremy and I talk to each other every day and I learn so much from him. He teaches me so many things that I don’t know much about. So I think that’s most important even if you are not physically together, you are still communicating and learning,” she said.

(Photo Source: Jeremy Jauncey Instagram)

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