Philippines top 10 countries that deserve more visitors

Tourism is one of the key industry’s within the Philippines – and it should rightly be so. Who could ever deny our beautiful landscapes and beaches as some of the best in the world? 

Recently National Geographic placed the Philippines in the ‘Top 10 destinations that deserve more travellers’ praising our two thousand year old rice terraces of Banaue constructed by the ancient Ifugao tribes as well as recommending our ‘ice white beaches’ proclaiming both of them to be ‘jaw dropping’ as referred to by many tourists. 

The article continues to praise the Philippines despite ‘terrorist attacks in recent months’ as well as ‘fire from the human rights advocates of President Roderigo Duterte’s often-brutal approach to the country’s drug war.’ 

Moreover, the article further highlighted  the ideal of Filipino nationalism as we shan’t fret to travel to these stunning landscape ensuring safety despite the U.S. Government Travel Warnings. 

With iconic Filipino designs and art at heart coupled with the picture perfect staircases of rice farms truly makes this place remarkable – no wonder National Geographic amongst others name the Philippines as one of the top 10 destinations that deserve more visitors. This further accentuates another international favourite  destination article in the wake that Palawan was voted once again the best island to travel to in the World.


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