Philippines records 12 new coronavirus cases, bringing total to 64

By CNN Philippines Staff

The country lists 12 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total to 64. 

The new patients are four female and eight male. They are between 30 and 49 years old.

With this development, the number of COVID-19 patients from Makati City is now at 10.

While San Juan City reported nine cases, even though Health department data shows the city has only eight.

Quezon and Pasig cities each have six confirmed cases, Marikina has five, Manila three, Mandaluyong two, and one each in Las Pinas City and Taguig.

Two patients have so far recovered from the virus, while five died.

How the other COVID patients are related? 

 PH31, a 28-year-old woman from San Juan City is the attending physician of PH9.

PH9 is an American man who travelled recently to the United States and Korea.

Meanwhile, PH9’s wife (PH29) , another couple from his household, and a niece are also confined in a hospital for the virus.

They are all from Marikina City.

The other new patients are PH52 of Batangas and PH49, who are siblings. They are 79 and 72 years old, rspectively.

PH12 from Manila and PH43 from Makati City are brothers in law.

The other couple are PH28 and PH30.

The data did not say if the patient number indicates the sequence of infection.

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