Philippine economy remains robust

The Philippine economy is looking healthy as we experience improvements in the farming and exports  sector. Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia maintains .

Pernia said economic expansion during the second quarter would be driven by agriculture and exports. Data from the Philippine Statistics Agency showed exports rose to 12.1 %. East Asia and Europe remained the top destinations of Philippine products during the period.

Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol echoed on this positive index is due to the favourable weather conditions and growth expectations in the second quarter which are all  are in line with the global economic recovery. 

While China is seen as slowing down, Indias performance is on the rise and so with the European Union and Japan. These are our major export partners .

Meanwhile with the Marawi crisis still in the backdrop of the country’s fight against some dissidents, the forecast  of the Philippine economy remain robust as also shown from data gathered from


World Economic Forum based from GDP forecast / image source from the World Bank

(Main image from

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