National broadband for the Philippines

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT)has proposed its new daring National Broadband Strategy, celcebrating the new creation of the department. This comes during urgent needs for reform within the IT department in the Philippines with a new report stating that the Philippines holding the last rank of the slowest Broadband connection in south east Asia before India.

The Philippines holds at an average of 5.5 Mbps, 3 Mbps below average in South east asia – with South Korea being first place having on average 28.6Mbps! Thus the Information and Communications Technology Secretary Rodolfo Salalima said the projects were expected to aid the growth momentum of the country as an emerging economy and a fruition of President Duterte’s mandate to give thrust to new technologies with free internet being supplied within over 100,000 public areas by 2026 both within and outside of Metro Manila.

We can also see the DICT’s preliminary success now providing internet to 13 MRT stations across EDSA as well as planning to provide internet to the drivers on EDSA who are in much need for a distraction. The total number of beneficiary municipalities now stands at 1,435, with hotspots located at public parks, schools, hospitals and town halls.

Thus with both the preliminary success of the DICT and its plan for the future its time for the our nation in the pacific rim to take the  lead.

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