Miss Universe Vietnam apologises to Kylie Verzosa

With the Miss Universe pageant just around the corner, Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, Nguyen Thi Loan, has decided to apologise for her previous comment to the Philippine-native reigning Miss International Kylie Verzosa.

As reported on Tempo, while watching Verzosa during the swimsuit competition of Miss International on television last year, Nguyen commented on Instagram with the word “ugly”, much to the anger of Verzosa’s fans.

The Baguio beauty was later announced the winner of the pageant.

On 21 October, Nguyen posted a long message on Instagram, which read: “Dear Kylie & Filipino Beauty Fans, I would like to clarify a comment that I made last year. Please give me a minute to explain.

“A year ago, when I was checking information on social media, I saw a picture of Kylie, Miss International 2016. Just by natural reaction, I thought that it was not a good picture of her and I commented based on my honest feelings. You would agree with me that sometimes, even the most beautiful person, could have a non-really photogenic picture… due to the angle, lighting or a wrong moment.

“Perhaps, I could have stated things more clearly but due to my limited English I made you all misunderstand me. I want to emphasise that I don’t judge or comment about people just like that. Instead of being more explanative about my meaning, after realising that I did not use my words correctly, I immediately deleted the comment.

“After that, I decided to keep silent because I did not want to cause any more misunderstandings or accidentally hurt anyone’s feelings (including Kylie’s ones if she would have noticed about that).

“I am so sorry for any inconvenience caused. I sincerely apologise for hurting Kylie and you by accident. This is a lesson for me and I will take more care in the future.

“I wish all Filipino fans good health and happiness… and congratulations Kylie for your successful year term as Miss International 2016. Best wishes for you!”

Nguyen, an experienced pageant contestant who has joined Miss World 2014 and Miss Grand International 2016, will be competing in the upcoming Miss Universe 2017, to be held on 26 November in Las Vegas.

(Photo source: instagram.com/loannguyenofficial)

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