Mike de Leon criticises ABS-CBN Ball

Filipino filmmaker Mike de Leon recently sparked a debate recently by criticising the recently held ABS-CBN Ball.

As reported on PEP, the “Citizen Jake” director recently shared a photo of Vice Ganda and Ryan Bang on the red carpet of the said event, and wrote, “Many people will not like this question but I have to ask it – In these dark times of murder and hunger, who really needs the ABS-CBN Ball? Bread and Circuses again a la Imelda Marcos.”

While some netizens agreed, others did not forget to mention that the ball was nowhere similar with the fallen Imelda Marcos and her lavish parties since it was privately funded, unlike Marcos’ government-funded events.

Some also mentioned that the ball was also held with the aim of raising money for Bantay Bata children’s village in Bulacan.

To that, de Leon responded by saying that it is not the point.

“It was privately funded, but there are more sensible ways to promote a noble cause. It was like when Marie Antoinette, upon hearing that the French were struggling and had nothing to eat, said, ‘Let them eat cake.'”

To another netizen, de Leon said, “They can do what they want but let them also be prepared for any kind of reaction people may have. As we said, there might be some who will be angry, but many would also agree. Celebrities are public property. They should learn to take the good with the bad.”

In another comment, he stated that while such events would not be frowned upon in Hollywood, it was inappropriate for a Third World country like the Philippines.

(Photo Source: Citizen Jake Film Facebook)

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