Mayor Vico Sotto asks public to take down banner greeting him Happy Birthday

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Most people appreciate being greeted on their birthday, but this politician thinks someone went overboard.

Recently-elected Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto took to social media yesterday to urge someone to take down a poster greeting him a happy birthday. Sotto said it’s time to remove it because his birthday is over.

In his caption on his Facebook post, where he included a photo of the tarpaulin poster, Sotto wrote: “Thank you to everyone who greeted me on my 30th birthday!”

“But my birthday is over. Please remove that tarp! I get surprised by my face,” he added.

“The truth is, the one who put it there asked for my permission first. I just agreed to it because I know everyone is still excited by my victory. But after this, let’s avoid putting up tarps/posters that have my face! Especially in public spaces!”

Sotto’s Facebook post has gone viral and has been shared more than 2,300 times.

Filipino politicians are fond of putting up their posters in public spaces. They often do it to announce that a certain project was their idea, or sometimes to simply to greet people during a major holiday. A lot of people think the practice is annoying, but most Filipino politicians continue to use them.

That’s why many netizens are impressed by Sotto’s post, including Alice Cruz who called him “a rare breed” of public servant.

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