LOOK: Climate change forces Baguio store to sell ‘white ube’ jam

CNN Philippines Staff

A famous local brand of ube jam is sporting a new look. The once purple delicacy, is now only available in white due to low supply.

Religious of the Good Shepherd of the Philippines, which sells the popular purple product in Baguio City, said they were not able to secure a “stable supply” of their jam for the past few years and they have climate change to blame for it.

“Due to changing climate, our ube farmers are having difficulty growing ube. It has been our struggle in the recent years to find a stable supply. And in the past weeks there were none,” the group said on Facebook.

Instead of using purple ube they opted for its white counterpart, which is a yam crop that resembles a sweet potato.

“Yes it is Ube Jam. From white ube. Yes there is such thing. And it is the available supply at the moment… and yes it is just as good as the purple one,” the Religious of the Good Shepherd added.

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