Liza Soberano undergoes surgery for bone infection

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If you’ve been wondering where Liza Soberano had gone to for the past few weeks, well, she has actually been receiving treatment for her fractured finger.

As reported on Push, the actress recently shared a photo of her bandaged hand in what looks like a hospital room, telling fans that she originally went to Los Angeles thinking that she would only be spending two weeks in the city to undergo surgery to remove her plates.

“It turns out that we were dealing with more than just protruding hardware. During surgery the doctor discovered that my bone wasn’t healed and that I also had a bone infection (no one is to blame for the infection it just happens sometimes). So now I’m taking antibiotics through a picc line on my left arm,” she wrote.

Soberano also revealed that she will undergo her second surgery as soon as the infection is cleared, adding that there is a possibility of a third operation.

“That’s pretty much it. I just want to thank my tita Joni, my managers and ABS-CBN for taking good care of me all throughout this process. Lizquens and Liza supporters, thank you for all the get well soon messages. I love and miss all of you!! Please keep me in your prayers,” she added.

Soberano first opened up about her fractured finger in April, when the actress announced that she had to withdraw from her superhero movie, “Darna” because of it.

(Photo Source: Liza Soberano Instagram)

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