Kris blames politics for lack of TV projects

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Its franchise is at stake,” explained actress-TV host Kris Aquino as to why her former home network, ABS-CBN, would not risk producing for her a television show.

Kris explained that “while I have no issues with President Duterte, his supporters don’t like me. I know the realities of life. I understand why I still don’t have [TV projects] up to now.”

The network’s franchise is set to expire in 2020—still within the term of Duterte, who has vowed to block it [franchise renewal] in reaction to the Kapamilya channel’s alleged unfair reports on him and his presidency.

Kris stressed, however, that her fans “could see me every night if they want to. I’m always online, and I have 53 brands supporting me. I’m so thankful to them.”

“I am also a businesswoman. I am aware that I would not be chosen for this movie had I not proven myself on the digital realm,” said Kris at the recent media gathering for the Star Cinema-produced film “I Love You, Hater,” which will be shown in cinemas starting July 11.

On her character as “the digital empress,” Kris said: “I’m the embodiment of that character. I was able to do it because big businesses supported me, and also the audience. If there were no clicks, no views and no shares, I wouldn’t be sitting here now.”

Ending her statement on a cliffhanger, Kris added: “I was forbidden to say more; I’m sorry. I fear nothing, except nondisclosure agreements in contracts. I need to respect those who are giving me opportunities. What people are asking will happen sooner than they expect, only that it will happen on all of these things you are holding right now (electronic gadgets).”

Throughout the press conference, Kris gave controversial statements, like her response to the question: “Do you agree that while one loves a person, he or she is also capable of hating the other?”

“When you still feel hatred toward someone you once cared for, that means there is still love. This also means I still care for him, and I’m not talking about Bimby’s father,” Kris said of her former husband, basketball player James Yap.

“I am referring to the person who runs the city where ABS-CBN is located. He can still make me hate him, so that means I still have feelings for him,” she said, referring to Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista. “I don’t want to lie to you. When it’s about him, I still get so emotional. I’ve already destroyed several cell phones because I threw them in a fit.”

At one point, Kris said she made being physically fit a priority—this was after a reporter complimented her for her slim body. “It’s because I want to prove something,” she pointed out. “I want this someone to see me and feel regret. I want him to hear what’s being said about me tonight. I want him to see all my billboards and choke.”

She then removed her blazer to reveal a now-sexy figure in a black spaghetti-strap tank top and high-waist trousers. The irrepressible Kris then declared: “Mayor, this is what you’re missing!”

On the question of what she did for love that she later regretted, Kris said it was getting married (to James) because having it annulled later “cost me P40 million,” the amount which James allegedly received.

“Forgiveness is a gift that you learn to give yourself. This is because it’s difficult to harbor ill feelings toward a person you once loved. You don’t have to hear the words, ‘I’m sorry,’ to forgive,” she said on how she coped with pain and hatred. Kris recently lashed out at James, allegedly for suggesting that she has been keeping Bimby away from him. “What I don’t like is when people twist the facts, when they make it seem that I’m the one lying.”

“I Love You, Hater,” which also features Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, is directed by Giselle Andres.


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