Korina Sanchez finally tells the story of Pepe and Pilar’s birth

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Last February, Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas introduced their twins Pepe and Pilar to the world. The babies were born via surrogacy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And, after months of teasing, Korina finally shared their journey to parenthood in last night’s Rated K episode.

Hindi ko po inakalang mangyayari pa ang himalang ito sa buhay namin ni Mar,” (I didn’t expect this miracle to happen in our lives) Korina narrated. She talked about getting married in 2009, as well as being too focused on their jobs to become parents to newborns.

Despite that, Korina and Mar still loved kids and decided to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). They first turned to hospitals in the Philippines, but since there’s no surrogacy here, they went to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Ilang taon din frozen ang aming embryos,” (Our embryos were frozen for years) Korina said. In a statement before, the couple said they worked on this “baby project” for almost 10 years. That’s dedication!

She added that they talked to a lot of doctors and lawyers to find the right woman to carry the embryo. To their surprise, it later developed into twins.

Fast forward to last February, Korina said the twins arrived a week early. They had to drop everything at work and fly to the US so they can be there for the birth of their babies. The rest is filled with feedings, practicing how to change diapers, and taking cute photos.

Congratulations again, Korina and Mar! Pepe and Pilar are looking more adorable each day.

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