Junjun Binay hopes siblings would reconcile ‘at the right time’

By CNN Philippines Staff

Former Makati Mayor Junjun Binay hopes that he and his siblings would be able to mend ties soon as the elections see him and his sister, incumbent Makati Mayor Abby Binay, at loggerheads for the top post in the country’s business capital.

Kami po ay umaasa na sa tamang panahon, magkakaayos-ayos din po kaming magkakapatid dahil sa huli kami ay iisang pamilya lang. At iisa lang po ang hangad namin —ang mapaglingkuran ang Lungsod ng Makati,” Junjun said during his slate’s last campaign rally before the elections on Monday.

[Translation: We are hoping that at the right time, us siblings would be able to reconcile because at the end, we’re just one family. And we only have one goal — to serve Makati City.]

The Makati mayoralty race has torn the Binay family apart, with sisters Senator Nancy Binay and Anne Binay, along with their mother Elenita Binay backing Junjun, while former Vice President Jejomar Binay supported Abby.

Junjun has said that his father’s endorsement of his sister as Makati mayor hurt him.

During the miting de avance on Saturday, a day before Mother’s Day, Elenita, who had also served as Makati mayor, made it clear that she favored Junjun’s run.

‘Wag naman po sana magseselos ‘yung iba kong mga anak pero si Junjun po ang nagmana ng ugali ko — mabait, matulungin, madaling hingan, madaling lapitan,” she said.

[Translation: I hope my other children would not get jealous, but my son Junjun inherited my best qualities — nice, helpful, easy to ask from and easy to approach.]

The Binay matriarch also received a Mother’s Day tribute at the campaign rally, which got members of the Binay family teary-eyed.

Abby ran and was elected as Makati mayor after Junjun failed to finish his term as the Office of the Ombudsman dismissed and disqualified him for grave misconduct and serious dishonesty in connection with the overpriced Makati City Hall Building II.

Junjun decided that he will take a shot at the top post in Makati again after the Court of Appeals reversed the Ombudsman’s ruling in 2018.

The feud between Abby and Junjun reached a new high during a forum at the San Ildefonso Parish church in Makati, where the two got into a heated exchange. Both siblings apologized to their father and to Makati residents for the incident.

WATCH: Abby, Junjun Binay get in heated exchange in church

With the two Binays warring for the helm of Makati City, their opponents are hoping that this will benefit them in a “tidal shift” in their favor.

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