Julia Barretto lashes out at Bea Alonzo for ‘bullying’: ‘I refuse to be your victim’

By CNN Philippines Staff

Actress Julia Barretto finally aired her side on controversies hounding her and fellow network star Gerald Anderson, which was first thrust into the limelight thanks to Bea Alonzo’s cryptic Instagram post.

Barretto, in an Instagram post Tuesday, lashed out at Alonzo for encouraging a “culture of hate” and “putting malice” into the minds of the public by liking harmless social media posts.

She also called Alonzo’s move as “downright bullying.”

“You are a woman of great influence and following. You could have used that power to promote strength and grace in women, but instead, you’ve used that to promote social media irresponsibility. This is downright bullying,” Barretto said in her post, which was accompanied with a throwback photo of her and Alonzo.

“You can play victim all you want, but I refuse to be your victim,” she added.

The three actors made it to the top Twitter trends in the past few weeks, as Alonzo’s social media post and likes fueled speculations that Anderson had been seeing Barretto while in the relationship.

Barretto clarified that no third party was involved in their respective break-ups.

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