Jessy Mendiola: The haters will never accept anything I say!

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Jessy Mendiola wants you to know that she is no longer interested to explain the chronology of her relationship with Luis Manzano.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who has been dating the Kapamilya host for over two years now, recently responded to a netizen who asked her to clarify once and for all rumours of her being the third party in Manzano’s past relationship with Locsin.

“Why would I admit something false? The bashers, they don’t know what happened. Why would I have to confess something just to quiet them?” she asked.

Mendiola stated that she has already accepted the fact that her haters will never accept any explanation no matter how many times she says it.

“How many times have I talked about it in interviews? What happened then? Did they believe me? No. So I will leave it all to God. He sees everything. Good vibes. I will just let go of that. We are all happy,” she added.

Mendiola and Manzano will be celebrating their third anniversary this year, while Locsin is currently happy in her relationship with producer Neil Arce.

(Photo Source: Jessy Mendiola Instagram)

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