Iza Calzado learns new things as a film producer

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Although Iza Calzado didn’t play a bigger role in producing her new movie, “Culion”, she did learn a new thing working behind the scenes.

As reported on Pika Daily, the actress, who produced the said film following her previous digital project “Mystified”, stated that she realised that one should have alternative plans for when things didn’t go as one hope it would.

“You really need to put a person to be manning the ship, good captains such as [director] Alvin [Yapan] and of course, producer Shandi [Bacolod],” she said.

Calzado added that she also found out the importance of making people on the set happy so that they could do their job well.

However, the actress stressed that she only played a minor role in producing the said film, and would like to do more for future projects.

“Culion” stars Iza Calzado as a Hansen’s Disease sufferer and resident of the leper community in Culion in the 1940s, who believes that she will be able to leave the island one day.

(Photo Source: Iza Calzado Instagram)

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